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Why OpenLawyer

OpenLawyer is a business grade virtual platform driven by the power of independent specialist lawyers, connected through the award winning firm Nexus Law Group.  We support smart business and individuals to effectively service their own legal needs using the power of intelligent document generation,  seamlessly integrating effective legal support, without the need for time consuming and costly traditional law firm engagements.

Unlike any other online portal, the independent specialist authors on this site publish and personally support their own legal documents and are available anytime to help you navigate complex areas of law.

OpenLawyer’s content is powered by Nexus Law Group – an award-winning law firm connecting independent specialist lawyers, which ensures we deliver a quality of product unrivalled in the market.

OpenLawyer has partnered with legal technologists, IT experts and developers to deliver some of the most intelligently generated, ‘smart’ legal documents available on the market today.

Specialist legal documents and practice guides maintained and supported by industry recognised, senior lawyers who are experts in their field.

Business needs fast, quality advice and legal documents tailored to their needs. Only OpenLawyer provides instant access to quality materials and direct access to the lawyers that prepare and support them.

OpenLawyer provides businesses and professional advisors with an online portal for outsourced in-house counsel, at a fraction of the cost of accessing traditional external legal services. Our individualised business platforms are an entirely new and better way of engaging with ongoing, quality legal support.

OpenLawyer is a business grade solutions platform, delivering in-house, smart document generation and cloud based secure storage of documents created, supported by real legal experts with proven track record in your industry.